How did you fall in love with acting?

This is my story. I’d love to hear yours.

I remember the first play I was in. I was twelve. It was about a kid who had the hiccups and couldn’t get rid of them. I can’t remember the name of the play or how I learnt what seemed like a thousand lines, just that I played the role of a reporter and performed it in our classroom. It was filled with parents and siblings, and it was fun… but it wasn’t in my first play that this little farm boy caught the bug!

That happened in High School. I had an inspirational drama teacher, Moira Hayden. I don’t know how or why this wonderful woman taught drama in country Queensland, but I thank Dionysus (the God of Theatre and partying like it’s 1999… B.C.) she did and that she had an enormous passion for the dramatic arts. Through her classes she passed on her love to hundreds of students – and I was one of them.

In my first year we were tasked with creating our own class performance piece. It was to be choreographed to music. No words. Mrs. Hayden told us to lie on the floor. She was going to play the music for us, we were to listen and to then come up with ideas. She played the music and I was flooded with images of inspiration. It was a rush.

As a class we then devised an original movement piece – and we had characters, each of us was a different cat. We made our costumes, they had tails, added makeup and whiskers on the day of the performance and performed it to the entire grade in our drama hall. In rehearsal and in the performance, when that music played, I was a cat. 100% committed to the powers of my transformative imagination. 

The performance was fun, the praise was nice, but it was those moments of creative inspiration and the integrity of self-expression that had me hooked.

Rohan has been either studying, performing, teaching, writing or producing in the arts and entertainment industry for the last twenty-seven years. He has been directing screen actors for the last fifteen. In 1992 he graduated from one of Australia’s leading drama schools: The Victorian College of the Arts.

Rohan discovers through rehearsal on set, then performance in front of the camera, the guidance each student needs in order to achieve a truthful screen performance. His objective is to arm every student with self-confidence in their creativity, imagination, acting choices and screen craft, so that when they are in a high-pressure on-set situation, they can handle it assuredly.

Rohan and his wife Gerlee also operate their digital media production studio ‘Adventures in Genre’ in Footscray, Australia. The team develop and produce original screen content for various platforms with a focus online. Rohan was the Development Producer and co-writer on the internationally acclaimed feature film ‘Hermano’ (2010). The film was Venezuela’s entry into the the 2011 Academy Awards – for Best Foreign Language Film. Hermano opened in cinemas around the world, including in the USA.

Being on set is Rohan’s second home – he’s freelanced on 15 feature films, 240+ television commercials, numerous music videos and a documentary. He also has a Graduate Diploma in Film and Television from the The Victorian College of the Arts. As an actor he has also had roles in over 50 produced plays, films and TVC’s.

Rohan has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA40104).

Rohan’s production credentials can be found on our sister site here.