‘Screen Acting Melbourne’ is a subsidiary of ‘Adventures in Genre’.

Adventures in Genre is a Digital Media Production Agency established in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia. Our subsidiaries include: Screen Acting Melbourne, Acting Showreels Melbourne and Kids Moving Pictures

By enroling in Screen Acting Melbourne courses and classes you are stating that you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions specified as outlined in the following ‘Terms of Service’.


  • Screen Acting Melbourne does not offer make-up classes.
  • Screen Acting Melbourne does not take responsibility for the personal belongings of participants, even in the event that such belongings may be required for a workshop.
  • Screen Acting Melbourne is not liable for injury caused to a participant whilst attending our premisis. This covers all attendence to our premisis for the purposes of participating in courses and classes and including but not limited to other scenarios such as consults and meetings.
  • Screen Acting Melbourne reserves the right to suspend or cancel a participant’s involvement due to inappropriate or offensive behaviour.
  • Our ‘Terms Of Service’ may change without notice. The most current terms will be found here on the website.


  • Still photographs and video footage will be taken in course and class settings.
  • Screen Acting Melbourne reserves the right to use material produced in courses and classes for promotional purposes on our website and/or social media channels. If participants do not wish to have their in class material used for this purpose a written request (email), must be provided.


  • We accept payments via direct bank transfer or paypal.
  • All paypal payments will incur an additional 3% surcharge. Bank transfer payments do not incur a surcharge. Please advise payment method upon booking.
  • Placement in Screen Acting Melbourne courses and classes will only be confirmed once full-payment is made. Or evidence of payment ie. Email receipt of confirmation of payment.
  • Strictly no entry into classes unless fees are paid in full before the commencement of courses and classes.


  • If commissioning an edit, Screen Acting Melbourne requires written confirmation from both parties to go ahead.
  • If either scene partner does not agree to have their footage edited, under no circumstances will the edit commence.


  • No refunds are given once the courses or classes commence.
  • In the event that a participant withdraws prior to the commencement of any course or class, fees will be refunded less an $80 admin fee.
  • Screen Acting Melbourne reserves the right to cancel any courses or class at any time in which case fees will be refunded in full if cancellation occurs before commencement of said course or class. Or, in such cases where courses or classes have commenced, monies will be refunded on a a pro-rata basis.


  • Courses and classes cannot be transfered.
  • Courses and classes cannot be suspended or paused.